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I approach communications first and foremost as an organizer–these tools are only as good as their ability to help you achieve your mission. I’ve played many different roles in the digital space–developing campaigns, blogging, freelance journalist, speaker, communications director, media trainer, strategist. What I know is you can get absolutely lost in all of the ways to communicate online if you don’t understand the why behind everything you do.

I love to help organizations get very clear about the strategic purpose behind their communications efforts, as well as develop skills and build capacity to move their mission forward using the platforms available to us.


I love training, and have built curriculum for a whole host of communications trainings. I’ve worked with organizations and spoken at conferences on topics like writing for the web, social media for campaigns, blogging for social change, preparing for radio and television interviews, overall communications strategy and more. I’m happy to build a customized training for your staff, grantees or conference attendees. My style is conversational, concrete and always focused on providing advice that helps trainees move their work forward. No wordy powerpoints or talking heads—this is about practical advice in an accessible style.

Digital Media Strategy

My favorite work is helping organizations achieve their mission through digital means. I believe strongly that all of our digital platforms—websites, blogs, email lists, social networks—are only as useful as our understanding of how they help us achieve our broader goals. As a consultant who has worked with more than a dozen organizations over the last decade to do precisely that, I have an arsenal of tools and a wealth of experience to help you build your digital media strategy. You can start with building a strategy for a specific campaign, or think bigger picture toward building, revisiting or strengthening your digital strategy for your entire organization.

Digital Capacity Building

As technology develops and more of us use online tools to connect, organizations have to scale up their digital capacity through staffing and technology. By assessing your current digital capacity and through my experience working with a variety of organizations of all sizes, I can recommend where you need to expand, where you might contract, and provide support and resources for making it happen. Digital media can use an incredible amount of resources without measurable returns if we aren’t thoughtful and strategic. I can guide you or your institution through the process of evaluating the current state of your digital capacity and where you need to go next to best utilize your resources.

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