March 2018:

TED Radio Hour, discussing the impact of racism on maternal health

June 2016:

Weekend Edition with Rachel Martin, discussing music as healing in response to Orlando

Q with Shadrach Kabango from CBC Radio, discussing the Orlando massacre

On Point with Tom Ashbrook, discussing the Orlando massacre

March 2012: NPR, Latino USA, discussing immigrants and health care

February 2012:

Blacking it Up, discussing Roe vs. Wade

BBOX Radio, Some Feminist Stuff

May 2010: Radio Bilingue, Discussion on Maternal Health (Spanish)

June 2008: NPR’s Here and Now, Discussion on Gay Marriage


September 2014: Feminists take on race and police conduct post-Ferguson The Washington Post; quoted.

June 2014: Abortion and Birth, Together The New York Times; quoted.

February 2012:

Komen Foundation: Selling Us for the Cure Truthout; quoted.

Women’s Center Symposium Examines Issues of Reproductive Justice The College Voice; article about symposium where Miriam gave the closing talk.

Sex Week broadens perspective Yale Daily News; article about Miriam’s February 5th talk.

December 2011:

Home birthing helps black women reconnect with African roots; quoted.

In Az., Push to Revive Mexican Midwifery New America Media; quoted.

November 2011: Miriam Perez, Radical Doula The Jewish Daily Forward; interview.

June 2011: Why is “Gay in America” for Men Only? GOOD; quoted.

June 2010:

Queer Blogger Roundtable: What’s the Future?; interviewed.

What’s an Abortion Doula?; quoted.

November 2009: Learn Your Alternative Birth Options,; quoted.


June 2010: Promises Unfulfilled: Obama and the LGBT Community, GRITtv

June 2010: PBS To The Contrary

Population Growth and Farmland

Panelists: Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC);’s Miriam Zoila Perez; Judge and Former Federal Prosecutor Debra Carnahan; Conservative Commentator Tara Setmayer; and NumbersUSA’s Anne Manetas.

* Obama and Gay Rights: This week the Obama Administration took another step in addressing the concerns of the LGBT community by extending some family leave benefits to gay parents.

September 2008: Segment on Sarah Palin, New Delhi Television