88 features in 3.5 years

After 3.5 years as the gender columnist for Colorlines, I’ve decided it’s time to step away from that role. It’s been such an incredible opportunity to reflect on the many intersections of race and gender in our world during a time in which so much has happened on that front. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and particularly the many, many folks who shared their work and lives with me, enough content for 88 features (!) and countless blog posts. Shout out to the Colorlines team for supporting my writing during this time.

I’ve mainly decided to take this leap because there are other writing projects simmering in the background, other outlets to work with, other topics to tackle. Maintaining an (almost) weekly column is hard work, and doesn’t offer much down time to simmer with big ideas and to dream up long-term projects. It’s also particularly arduous to cover these set of issues in today’s political climate, so I decided it was time to take a (baby) step away from the news cycle and make the leap back to freelancing and making space for new writing projects. I’ll also be building healing supports for activists with the Oxalis Collective, talking Latinx music with Radio Menea, continuing my local bodywork practice with Freed Bodyworks, nerding out about houseplants and seeing what else arises.

But because I’m a bit nerdy and like to reflect, I created this little infographic about my work over these years. There you can see a little summary of my body of work through this column, and a few highlights.

I’m particularly proud of a few things I accomplished in that role. One, I covered reproductive justice with an emphasis on the impact on people of color as thoroughly as I could imagine. 25 features on the topic and so many more blog posts. It’s a tough issue to cover as there is just so much challenging news on the state and federal level as the attacks on abortion, contraception increase, and also the wellbeing of moms and babies of color continues to be at risk.

But it also felt important to me to highlight the amazing women of color who have been breaking barriers, forging new paths and just generally rocking it out! I did twenty profiles of these women, including a four-year series looking back at the women of color who really rocked each year. I also got to profile a few folks before their work gained more attention, including Angelia Trinidad of Passion Planner, Big Gal Yogi and the women behind the U.S.’s first Native American birth center.

I also wrote a few personal essays along the way that I am proud of: one in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre, another after the Supreme Court gay marriage decision and a third after the Trump election about community as resource during challenging times.

Thanks to everyone who has followed my work over the years! Facebook and my email newsletter are the best ways to stay in the loop as my new projects evolve. And of course, be in touch if you want to collaborate. ❤



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